A heartfelt meal at the comfort of your home with the best takeaway near Prahran

Are you tired of cooking and want to have a takeaway? Or having a lazy day but want to try something exciting at home? We make the best takeaway near Prahran. People of all ages love our takeaway food. People of the older generation who are unable to travel can now have Indian food at home.

Indian Takeaway Melbourne

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Our chefs at the Yarra Indian Restaurant are passionate about recreating beautifully diverse Indian culture through food. Hence, every morsel has the same care, love and joy. Their passion for Indian flavours reflects in every dish.

Now experience Indian culture through Indian takeaway food near Prahran

At the Yarra Indian Restaurant, we display our love for Indian cuisine by creating various well-known Indian dishes. We have lunch as well as dinner menus sorted as per the requirements.

Flatbreads, Nans, Kulche, Bhature and Parathas are generally eaten with curries or sabji. We serve various flavours of rice, from plain rice to Biryanis. Chicken curries, veg gravies and dry sabjis all of which makes everyone weak in their knees.

Indian food takeaway near Prahran that offers scrumptious desserts.

Imagine having regular food and craving for some mind-blowing desserts. Our Kulfis are made from almond milkshakes with a tint of saffron to make Indian takeaway near Prahran more special. That is not all-the Rice Kheer (sweet rice pudding) with each bite lures you away into a lovely corner of joyful memories.

Our speciality is one of our desserts, the Gulab Jamun. They are made from Khoya (a special dessert dough), expertly shaped into spheres of heavenly goodness. These Gulab Jamuns are then soaked into sugar syrup (chashani), it will surely make you fall in love with the flavours of India.

Every dish served at the Yarra Indian Restaurant includes expert techniques, delicate craft, and passion for food. We assure you the best takeaway near Prahran.

Order your takeaway by calling us on + 61 398276873.

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